Neuromarketing in the wine industry

Presented by Professor Vincenzo Russo, Ph.D

Developed from the latest research in the neurosciences, the neuromarketing of wine is based on an in-depth understanding of how the brain reacts to various types of information. A good communicator or sommelier should—and must—use effective communication techniques to convince and move others, as well as adapt one’s communication style to the audience or consumer group being addressed.

The first of its kind to be presented in the Americas, this conference will provide you with a unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge communication and promotion strategies to energize your wine-tasting events.


  • The contribution of neurosciences in understanding the human brain and their application in the field of interpersonal communication and wine marketing
  • Consumer decision-making and the error made by Descartes
  • Gastrophysics and the secrets of perceiving flavours in wine
  • The impact of labels and packaging
  • From neuro-oenology to persuasion techniques: basic principles of effective wine communication


Based on the core principles of the relationship between communication and decision-making, the conference will:

  • Describe the persuasive mechanisms that can be activated through conscious communication;
  • Analyze the techniques that can be used in wine promotion by applying findings from neuromarketing and neuroselling research. Such skills are useful and effective when a wine is ‟presentedˮ to an audience or a group of consumers;
  • Explore the mechanisms behind wine communication and their impact on decision-making based on the latest neuroscientific research on brain functioning;
  • Examine the role played by expectations in persuasive processes and review the basic rules for effective and functional wine communication.


Professor Vincenzo Russo, Ph.D, is a consumer psychology and neuromarketing professor at IULM University in Milan, Italy. Professor Russo is also the coordinator of the Behavior and Brain Lab, a neuromarketing research lab at IULM.

In his conference, Professor Russo will discuss the different techniques that can be used in wine communication and promotional strategies based on the relationship between communication and decision-making.

This conference is intended for wine producers, agents, representatives and sommeliers who wish to develop techniques to capture the attention of their target audiences.

• Please note that the conference is in English.• 

Friday, November 22, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. (40 places available)
Friday, November 22, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. (40 places available)

École des métiers de la restauration et du tourisme de Montréal
1822, boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal (Québec) H3H 1J8
(Métro Guy-Concordia)

$60 + taxes per person for A3 Québec members (20 places available)
$80 + taxes per person (60 places available)

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